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Action Comics Godzilla

Doug Bloodworth

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SOLD in the gallery, can be ordered.

Photorealism is a genre of art in which a painting is so skillfully done that from ten or twenty feet away, the viewer assumes that they are seeing a photograph. This is NOT a photo. It is a limited edition reproduction on canvas of the original oil painting by Doug Bloodworth.

Limited Edition on Canvas,  18" x 24"

See the bag of marbles? I remember having a bag of them as a kid, what about you?

Doug loves the sensation of painting different textures. Quote from Doug: “For me, it is a challenge. Can I do this? Can I paint in oil paint to look like a Crayola mark on a coloring book? Can I paint newspaper to look like a newspaper? Or plastic to look like plastic?”

When you look at this limited edition on the wall it is truly difficult to tell it apart from the original oil painting.  It is printed in the USA on gallery-quality canvas, personally signed & numbered by the artist, and arrives ready to hang in your home or office.