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Carved Disc Sculpture I

Jeff Margolin

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Ceramic Sculpture

Sculptured Porcelain-type Clay,  Carved Ceramics

This an extraordinary exploration of form and surface decoration inspired by nature, traditional ethnic designs, and modern artists. 

The artist begins by sculpting porcelain-type clay into an organic form with areas left for carving. The carved designs are drawn with a needle, carved out with blades, then cleaned with water and brush. When completely dry, the piece is sanded and burnished to a high sheen, then fired and smoked in a kiln. A semi-transparent pigment is applied to the carving for definition.

Each piece is unique and will vary slightly. 

Shown is Floral carving in green wash. Shown in tan wash is an Ethnic design.

Backside shown.

Approx. 9" H x 12" W  x 3" D

"My work is composed of classic forms and interpretations of ethnic design in my carvings." Jeff