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"Oval Bowl" ~ Powhatan


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Powhatan Oval - SOLD

Ceramic Sculpture ~ Oval bowl sculpted by Dan. As these are hand-made sizes may vary slightly. Examples shown of various cities.

Order a Customized Bowl by:

Calling the gallery, 804-794-1511 & we'll talk about sending images you would like on your bowl & Nisha will interpret your images for the size you select.  Call or email us with any questions on having this bowl created by DaNisha. 

Coloration & design by Nisha. Each is hand painted by Nisha.

The art of design embodies as many different principles as sculpture and drawing/painting. In fact, all are integral and necessitate a carefully considered orchestration. Herein lays the true collaboration of “DaNisha”, husband & wife team. 

We represent all collections of "DaNisha" art; Sculptures, Bowls, Towers, Bronze, & Miniatures. 

Shipping will be determined later.