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Tall Disc Sculpture

Jeff Margolin

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Ceramic Sculpture

Sculptured Porcelain-type Clay,  Carved Ceramics

This an extraordinary exploration of form and surface decoration inspired by nature, traditional ethnic designs, and modern artists. 

The artist begins by sculpting porcelain-type clay into an organic form with areas left for carving. The carved designs are drawn with a needle, carved out with blades, then cleaned with water and brush. When completely dry, the piece is sanded and burnished to a high sheen, then fired and smoked in a kiln. A semi-transparent pigment is applied to the carving for definition.

Each piece is unique and will vary slightly. 

1st image, Mechanical carving in yellow wash.  

Approx. 12" H x 9" W  x 3" D

"My work is composed of classic forms and interpretations of ethnic design in my carvings." Jeff