Alberto Bragaglia

Italian artist Alberto Bragaglia (January 26, 1896 - April 30, 1985) is a painter & writer of the Italian twentieth century. Enthralled by the futurism movement that made his ideas & thoughts consistent & permanent, it was for Bragaglia a flash of inspiration. He sees this movement as a storyteller praising its origins starting from the "Manifesto" of Marinetti.
He has devoted all his life to arts & studies. His vast works include innumerable drawings & watercolors on canvas. His landscapes are landscapes of the soul. Bragaglia describes his own paintings as "Abstract spatial polychromies", the world visibility is the polychromies harmony & musicality. 
He was part of the exhibition on Italian Futurism in 2014 at the Guggenheim museum of New York. From "Between Reason & Vision" by Vittorio Sgarbi
Alberto Bragaglia - landscape