Christopher Compel

Artist Statement:  "I love working with wood. While I am happy to work in other media, wood is alive and responsive to my touch. Wood grain shows the life the tree lived and has its own secret history, a mystery that can be only be suspected by studying the grain. When I'm intensely carving a piece, my energy is absorbed by the wood. That wood is now sharing part of its life with me and I with it. 
The forms that come out of the wood are often a function of the wood. Some pieces are emotional, some dramatic. I like to let the wood 'tell' me what it 'feels'. The process is somewhat long in that I make several studies of my subject to see what will work on paper. That does not always translate to the wood as it does seem to have a mind of its own. Drawing, measuring & even doing 3D studies in clay are all part of the pre-carving fun. Then there is the wood itself. The right wood must be used for the right subject. Each has its own story that I like to bring to life and share."