Gayle Barber

Gayle discovered her love of art at the young age of 6, when she won first place in a Milton Bradley National contest. She later attended Virginia Commonwealth Univ., where she graduated with a degree in Fine Arts. Then began her career as a designer & then interior designer. 

Moving to Richmond, Gayle began custom pen & ink drawings of a wide variety of residential properties for homeowners & real estate brokers.

Upon the basis of friendship within the art community, Gayle became interested in oil painting & has pursued this passion since 2005.  Gayle has studied under Ted Goeschner, Nancy Tankersley, and Pam Folsom. Her work has appeared in galleries along the Atlantic Seaboard. Gayle has shown her work in the Univ. of Richmond Art Show & is showing at The Gingerbread Square Gallery in Key West Flordia. 

Gayle participated in the Arts in the Park for many years & now she can be found painting at Bella Arte Gallery! 
Lotus Land