Sussan Afrasiabian

Sussan studied the science of photography and the art of sculpting. However, it was painting that captured her true self.  The effect of studying the art of sculpture and simultaneously working with troubled children affected her painting style dramatically.  Their desperate plight reflected by vacant eyes and a sense of hopelessness helped to inspire her need to express her feelings about the strength of mankind, life, and hope for a better future.  Her style combined with her symphony of colors reflects the true feeling of the artist.

In keeping with her strong sense of commitment to the plight of modern man, she demonstrates through her artwork just how beautiful life can be and that the prevailing goodness of mankind will always leave us with the gifts of hope and a better life.

She has received multiple awards for her art work in the US and abroad.  In 1993 she participated in an art show presented by Iranian Contemporary Museum of Art, introducing current Iranian artists, at which one of her paintings ( "Breakfast" 30 X 40 inch ) was purchased by the Museum.